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Previously, the Rex 1-liter jar was the classic par excellence. Now it is an extremely useful jar for contemporary stockpiling - dry goods from aniseed to cinnamon or cooked fruit, all kinds of garden vegetables either fresh or preserved, meats, broths and more.
Compote or muesli flakes, gummy bears or sports socks (apparently it's a thing): all fit perfectly into this handy size jar.  It's also the go-to jar for fermenting along with its larger 1.5 litre friend.  Suit the large size fermenting lids.
Rex jars are absolutely free of plasticizers and heavy metals. Heat resistant and reusable. Suitable for all dishwashers, freezers, ovens or microwaves.
Comes in a chic six-pack carton including lid, sealing ring and clamps.

DimensionsCapacity 1,050 mlHeight 160 mmDiameter 100mm

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