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6 x 200ml Weck Deli Jar - 995

6 x 200ml Weck Deli Jar  - 995

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6 x 200ml Weck Deli Jar - 995

6 x 200ml Weck Deli Jar  - 995 - includes glass lids, seals and clamps

The new Weck Deli jars are not shaped like a conventional jar.  Instead they have a wasp waist which makes them perfect to hold in your hand.  Use them to serve smoothies or juice or as a decorative jar for jams, yoghurt and condiments.

The 200ml jar takes a small ring and glass lid or a small Keep Fresh Cover.
Cases come complete with glass lids, seals and clamps.  If you do not require these purchase the relevant single jar listing.

Weck jars come in round jars, tulip jars, deco jars, cylinder jars and juice jars.

Replacement rings, lids and clamps are also available.

Dimensions80mm high with 60mm mouth; 200ml capacity
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