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  • Powers up to 20 km
  • Self contained package
  • Digital screen displays voltage, amps and low battery
  • Compact and very portable
  • Easy and fast to set up
  • 2 x Internal rechargeable batteries
  • Earth and fence leads supplied
  • O-Ring sealed enclosure
  • Magnetic switch - Full and reduced power levels
  • 7,400 Volts output
  • Supplied with a 240 volt mains charger

At 1.78 joules of power the Thunderbird S180B is the most powerful Solar Energiser with built in batteries, available in Australia

Mounts over the top of star post to install. Mains charger port is covered to keep the weather out. Low Battery Warning - on screen.

This quality Australian made and designed system incorporates intelligent battery management software that monitors energy collected by the solar panel and adjusts output accordingly.

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