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25km Mains / Battery / Solar Electric Fence Energiser

25km Mains / Battery / Solar Electric Fence Energiser
25km Mains / Battery / Solar Electric Fence Energiser
Ex GST: $277.27
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  • Model: MB-255
  • Weight: 2.00kg
  • Dimensions: 20.00cm x 30.00cm x 40.00cm

Thunderbird’s energiser features world class performance and benefits, with advanced surface mount electronics, for better control, fence performance and reliability.

Thunderbird’s MB255 and MB355 fence energisers are ideal for small to mid sized farms.

MB255 - 25km system
MB355 - 35km system

  • Digital LCD display ( 3 functions displayed )
  • Mains or Battery powered, ( A.C. Adaptor and D.C lead supplied )
  • Optional solar kit is available
  • Vacuum Sealed transformer, for better reliability and longer life
  • Quality Australian made product, with 2 years warranty
  • Lightning spark gap fitted —6 months warranty against lightning strikes
  • Tough, weatherproof O-ring sealed enclosure.


Model Stored Joules Max Distance Voltage
@ No Load
@ 250 Ω
Current Drain Solar Kit
Size 12V
MB255 2.33 J 25 km 7.9 kV 5.1 kV 160 mA 20 W
MB355 3.4 J 35 km 7.9 kV 5.9 kV 210 mA 20 W

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