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Whip Karaka Stock 8ft Black

Whip Karaka Stock 8ft Black
Whip Karaka Stock 8ft Black
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Karaka whips are hard-working and long lasting. They are real working whips that are easy to crack. Made in New Zealand by a professional whip maker.

The handle is tough, braided, synthetic strips, wound over a stainless steel core, and requiring no maintenance.

The whip is made of all-synthetic material, meaning it does not need any maintenance, and will work the same in any weather.

Whip length is a matter of preference, but generally shorter lengths are most useful in more confined areas (stockyards) or for use from a bike. Longer whips are most suitable for open spaces and use from horseback.

Available in a choice of black, red or yellow.  Not all sizes and colours may be available at all times so if it is required urgently please check with us prior to placing your order.

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