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A Place in the Country

A Place in the Country
A Place in the Country
A guide to creating your patch of rural paradise by Chris Ferreira

This is a no-nonsense guide to choosing, establishing and sustaining your patch of rural paradise in Australia and New Zealand.
Whether your goal is food, profit or enjoyment, this book offers the "eyes wide open" approach to creating your own beautiful, productive and sustainable rural landscape.
Chris Ferreira brings years of experience, a wealth of knowledge and a great sense of humour to these tasks, covering everything you need to know if you have, or plan to have, a hobby farm. Supplemented with photos, illustrations and checklists, A Place in the Country is essential reading for the rural land owner.
Suitable for old hands and first-timers alike, and for hobby farms of all shapes and sizes.  A Place in the Country gives practical advice to help you achieve long-term peace and prosperity on the land.
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