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Beetroot Cylindra Seed

Beetroot Cylindra Seed
Beetroot Cylindra Seed

(Beta vulgaris) - Organically Grown

Cylindrical variety with smooth dark red roots up to 20cm long and 5cm wide. Growing upright they take up less room so spacing can be closer. The roots are a tender sweet flavour ideal for bottling sliced beetroot because it doesn't get too big making the slices the perfect size. It can also be used in general cooking boiled, steamed or baked.

Sow all year except in hot weather.

Seed packet contains approx. 100+ seeds.

How to Grow

Beetroot likes a well prepared garden bed that is loose in soil structure and rich in organic matter. Plenty of nitrogen is required for rapid growth but over doing it can result in excess leaf growth and poor root formation. Sow seed direct in garden bed and cover with 1cm of soil. After 6 weeks you can begin harvesting leafy greens for salads or blanching. Keep in mind beetroot leaves do have oxalic acid so it is best to cook them. After approximately 70 days the root will have swelled and you can begin harvesting baby beetroot. If the plants are to close together you can 'thin' them out by harvesting the largest beetroots making room for the smaller ones to grow into. To ensure a continued supply it is best to sow every 4 weeks.

Sow all year except in hot weather

Sow direct into garden

Seed packet contains 100 seeds

70 days to maturity


Leaves can be used fresh or cooked due to the oxalic acid content. A great substitute for spinach and silverbeet. Roots are typically used pickled, roasted and steamed. Beetroots also store well in a plastic bag refrigerated. 

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