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05 Nov Redoing your pantry: just what jars to buy!?
rebecca 5 6987
What are the best jars for dry storage?We regularly get asked for our recommendations on jars for storage, both short term and long term.There really is no correct answer to this question and it depends on a range of variables.  Hopefully the following discussion of the different types of jars..
05 Aug Make the most of your Weck and Rex jars
rebecca 5 3859
Most people love Weck jars.  Not only are they the ultimate in recycling, being made entirely of glass, with the only single use piece being the rubber seal, they are also a very sturdy jar and attractive to boot!  Our Weck and Rex jars are genuine German manufactured goods and not inferior copies. ..
24 May Why should I buy special preserving jars: can’t I just reuse jars from the supermarket?
rebecca 4 9761
Why should I buy special preserving jars: can’t I just reuse jars from the supermarket?We sometimes get asked this question and concerningly, there are numerous sites on social media that actively promote the practice.  This relates to reusing jars such as those you might buy with mayonnaise, to..
08 May Is fermented food really good for your health?
rebecca 0 1476
There is no doubt that food and drink fermentation has seen a big resurgence in recent years.There are all sorts of extravagant claims about what benefits fermented foods can bestow and sometimes it's good to just step back and look at some of the scientific evidence to give some credibility to the ..
02 May Paralysis Ticks Abound!
rebecca 0 5589
Paralysis ticks are native to Australia and their natural hosts are marsupials, principally bandicoots, but also others such as echidnas, possums and wallabies. They also infest cattle, horses, other livestock and domestic pets. Native animals are usually immune to the paralysing toxin because of th..
02 May 63 Uses for mason jars that you probably haven’t thought of!
kenso 0 1917
63 things you can do with a simple mason jar that will transform your daily lifeMegan WillettWhen it comes to Pinterest crafts, the mason jar reigns supreme.That’s probably because there’s just so much you can do with it, from making beautiful wedding centerpieces to prepping to-go salads ..
10 Apr Sour about the dough!
rebecca 0 1214
    I have been experimenting over the past month. We are lucky at Ozfarmer to be based on the mid-north coast of NSW and about 1-hour drive to our north is the charming village of Bellingen.  The place is one of our favourites to visit for a relaxing Sunday, and the local ba..
05 Mar What canning / preserving unit should I get?
rebecca 3 2268
There is not a single answer to this question, but here are some questions I ask first:1. What do you want to preserve?2. How much and how often?3. Do you have a preference for a stove top unit or an electric unit?4. If you prefer a stove top unit, do you have a glass top or induction stove?..
01 Mar Kefir the (VERY) Healty alternative!
rebecca 0 908
One of our favourite breakfast drinks is kefir.Alcoholic drinks are made by a process of fermentation, but not all fermented drinks are alcoholic, and many have additional health benefits which could enhance the benefits of your dry month.  What’s more, they don’t take a long time to ferment so you ..
10 Dec Dive into Dehydrating!
rebecca 1 1117
There are a number of effective ways to preserve surplus food and one of the easiest options is to dehydrate food. In this article, we look atwhy you should dehydrate your food;what dehydrator should you buy;our free recipe for delicious homemade beef jerky anda link to a fantastic dehydrator packag..
05 Jun Fermented Drinks Allowed for Dry July!
rebecca 0 825
July is Dry July month, a month where many try to give up alcohol to raise money for cancer.  Whilst many alcoholic drinks are traditionally made through fermentation; ie beer, wine, whiskey, there are also some well-documented health benefits to both fermented drinks and foods.  Perhaps July is a g..
03 May Whats the best pressure canner?
rebecca 1 2514
 Why a pressure canner?Low acid foods, or acid foods mixed with low acid ones, must be processed in a pressure canner. Bacteria that cause food poisoning can be destroyed by boiling but the spores that produce toxins need a higher temperature of about 115 degrees Celsius to be destroyed. This ty..
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