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Books about Farming

Specialist books about farming and looking after different types of animals such as cattle, horses, sheep and poultry, as well as books to help the urban farmer.
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A guide to creating your patch of rural paradise by Chris Ferreira This is a no-nonsense guide to choosing, establishing and sustaining your patch of rural paradise in Australia and New Zealand. Whether your goal is food, profit or enjoyment, this book offers the "eyes wide open" approach to cre..
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A Veterinary Book for Dairy Farmers
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1999 third edition dealing with the full range of cattle ailments grouped broadly according to the age and development of the animal from the young calf to the adult cow. This completely revised and reprinted book is the standard for college courses around the world. Now in full colour. 488 page..
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A Year on the Farm Sally Wise
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Renowned cook, Sally Wise has always wanted her own cooking school, and her own farm, where she could grow the things she wants to cook with. One day she and her husband came across a property in Tasmania’s Derwent Valley with an orchard full of fruit trees, and a funny old chalet/cabin out the ..
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Backyard Poultry- Naturally by Alanna Moore 3rd edition. What is the difference between a Frizzle and a Fav? a Pekin and a Polish? A Welsummer and a Wyandotte? How do you successfully determine the sex of day old chickens? What natural products can be used to treat lice infestations? And what ..
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Calf Rearing is recognised as one of the most informative and accessible guides on the subject, covering growth, nutrition, health and behaviour, with descriptions of various calf raising systems and facilities. John Moran, an expert in the field, also gives considerable coverage to calf welfare, p..
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Cattle Lameness and Hoofcare by Roger Blowey Written by the well known UK hoofcare specialist Roger Blowey, this is a fully illustrated guide to the causes and prevention of cattle lameness. It also contains comprehensive details of hoof anatomy and trimming techniques. Colour photos. 208 p..
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In The Complete Mushroom Hunter, mushroom guru Gary Lincoff escorts you through the cultural and culinary history of the mushroom, hunting and identifying wild mushrooms, mushroom safety, and on to preparing and serving the fungi. Stunning photographs and Lincoff's fascinating anecdotes from the fie..
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How to Design and Build an Inexpensive System for Growing Plants in Water Farmer Tyler show home DIYers how to build over a dozen hydroponics growing systems, some of which cost only a few dollars to make. DIY Hydroponic Gardens takes the mystery out of growing in water. With practical info..
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For the first time, a definitive field guide covering more than 500 fungi species with 548 superb colour photographs. All fungi photographed in their natural environment - many for the first time with information on fungal biology, ecology, classification, distribution, roles of fungi in nature, and..
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By Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough From appearances at the most high-end restaurants to street food carts coast-to-coast, goat meat and dairy products are being embraced across the country as the next big thing. With its excellent flavor, wide-ranging versatility, and numerous health bene..
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Bee keeping isn't just for the professional farmer-bees can be kept in any situation from simple backyards and rooftops to large expanses of farmland. Discover whether honey beekeeping is right for you, and find out everything you need to know to keep and acquire bees in this updated guide. Ho..
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Keeping Bees by Pam Gregory, Claire Waring
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Beekeeping is a fascinating and rewarding activity and is hugely important to the survival of our declining bee population as much covered recently by the media. This attractive book offers practical and informative advice on how to get started how to achieve and collect good harvests beekeeping th..
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