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Pickling Everything

Pickling Everything
Pickling Everything
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Pickling Everything Foolproof Recipes for Sour, Sweet, Spicy, Savory, Crunchy, Tangy Treats  by Leda Meredith

Learn to pickle everything, from the author of Preserving Everything

Simple recipes for both fermented and vinegar-based pickles

Pickling is more than a form of food preservation. It is also a way of turning mild- flavoured vegetables and fruits into crunchy, tangy side dishes and intensely flavoured condiments. In Pickling Everything, food preservation expert Leda Meredith covers the ins and outs of home pickling, explaining the differences between lacto-fermented probiotic pickles and vinegar-based pickling and how to pickle and can safely. She includes recipes for nuts, legumes, eggs, and meats, encouraging readers to try something new. The 75+ recipes include:

Note: The pictures on the cover feature jars such as the French Made Le Parfait Super jars.  We highly recommend Le Parfait swing top jars (both the super and terrine versions) as they have a high quality, stainless steel bail which is more durable and provides a better seal than some of the cheaper Chinese made imitations available.

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