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Books about maintaining a healthy gut and the benefits of a diet high in fresh fruit and vegetables and fermented foods.
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A bumper edition of recipes from the best known, best loved and the biggest selling author of books on slow cooking, Sally Wise.  This combination of Slow Cooker and Slow Cooker 2 is packed full of Sally's great recipes, drawn from a collection created over thirty years of preparing tasty and economical meals for her family.  Recipes include heart-warming soups, yummy mains and delectable de..
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Cultured Food For Health A Guide to Healing Yourself with Probiotic Foods "If you're having digestive problems or feeling sick and rundown or if you simply want to feel better and have more energy this is the book for you." In "Cultured Food for Health," Donna Schwenk opens your eyes to the amazing healing potential of cultured foods. Focusing on the notion that all disease begins in the gut..
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Cultured Food For Health Donna Schwenk Donna Schwenk's world changed when she discovered cultured foods. After a difficult pregnancy and various health problems, she became determined to find answers to what ailed her. And in her quest, she came across the ancient art of home fermentation, a food preparation technique that supercharges everyday foods with beneficial bacteria to balance your dig..
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'I was pulled into simple living before I knew what it was. It crept up on me using the smallest of steps and didn't reveal its true beauty and real power until I was totally hooked. I was searching for a way to live well while spending very little money. What I found was a way of life that also gave me independence, opportunity and freedom.' Rhonda Hetzel gently encourages readers to find t..
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Sprouts are easy to grow and can be grown in just about any type of kitchen, even on the road while camping!  They are packed with nutrition and also make the perfect survival food, able to provide essential vitamins and minerals within days providing fresh water is on hand. Homegrown Sprouts is a fresh, healthy and delicious step by step guide to sprouting year round and your go-to r..
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Get inspired to eat healthy! SALAD MAGIC IN A MASON JAR  Discover the coolest way to pack a tasty, healthy lunch! Mason Jar Salads and More shows how to prepare on-the-go meals that are packed with fresh produce and whole foods. The tasty recipes and gorgeous full-colour photos in this book will show you how to create amazing dishes, including: •Pomegranate and pear salad •Pesto tortellini..
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Nourishing Traditions  The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats A full-spectrum nutritional cookbook with a startling message animal fats and cholesterol are vital factors in the human diet, necessary for reproduction and normal growth, proper function of the brain and nervous system, protection from disease and optimum energy levels. Includes informati..
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Salads in a Jar will show you how to pack your salads in jars starting with the dressing on the bottom, followed by the heaviest and most non-absorbent ingredient and work your way up through the lighter ingredients until you end up with the salad greens themselves on top. Everything stays separate and dressing free until you toss the salad together in a bowl. You will never need to eat another so..
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Health and wellness is a booming sector in Australia. We eat clean and we detox our pantries. But what about our medicine cabinets and the lotions and potions we use on our skin? Shouldn't we take as much care with those as we do with food? In The Garden Apothecary, Herb Nerd Reece Carter shows you how to grow and make your own gentle herbal remedies, taking you right through from growing your ..
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The Gut Makeover: 4 Weeks to Nourish Your Gut, Revolutionise Your Health and Lose Weight by Jeannette Hyde Packed with easy-to-follow advice, the latest science and nourishing recipes and meal plans, Jeannette Hyde's radical new approach will help you: · Lose weight with a tried and tested 4-week plan · Transform the look of your hair and skin · Address any longstanding digestive problems incl..
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THE MICROBIOME SOLUTION a radical new way to heal your body from the inside out Gastroenterologist Chutkan makes a strongly argued proposal that people should 'live dirty' and 'eat clean'...A thoughtful approach to health and wellness that’s well worth the time of readers.' PUBLISHERS WEEKLY The author,one of today's preeminent gastroenterologists, distils the latest research on the microbio..
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The Paleovedic Diet: A Complete Program to Burn Fat, Increase Energy, and Reverse Disease: Akil Palanisamy, Robb Wolf A groundbreaking total-body program that incorporates principles of Paleo nutrition, Ayurvedic medicine, and cutting-edge research. In The Paleovedic Diet, Dr. Akil Palanisamy, MD, offers a comprehensive roadmap to optimal health combining the most effective aspects of the Pa..
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