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Drum Sieve / Tamis / Mouli Drum Sieve Stainless Steel 23cm

Drum Sieve / Tamis / Mouli Drum Sieve Stainless Steel 23cm

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A drum sieve / tamis / mouli drum sieve is a wide, round, low-walled kitchen sieve used to strain liquids or to sift and strain dry ingredients, such as flour, powdered sugar and nuts.
This model is 23cm in diameter and is made of stainless steel.

The fine (1mm) mesh of the drum sieve allows you to create smooth sauces requiring a texture that is consistently even throughout the entire mixture.

Apples, tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables can be strained through the mesh to create clear and consistent juices or purées.

Nuts can be pressed through the steel mesh to create powdered textures such as for flour.

Line the sieve with some cheesecloth to strain juices or stocks needing to have a consistency that can only be obtained by using a very fine mesh.

The wide diameter of the drum sieve enables food to be prepared by spreading it out over the surface of the sieve and working it by hand with a spoon or metal utensil to accomplish the straining, sifting or pulverizing of foods.

A very useful kitchen gadget for baking and preserving.

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