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Fermenting Airlock Handblown Glass 2 Chamber Home Brew USA Made BPA Free (Jar not included)

Fermenting Airlock Handblown Glass 2 Chamber Home Brew USA Made BPA Free (Jar not included)

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High quality USA made handblown glass fermenting airlock.  The item is the airlock only and not the jar (shown for illustration purposes only)

These are not cheap flimsy Chinese imitations which will break if you just look at them!  These airlocks can be used time and time again and can be cleaned with common household detergents and a pipecleaner.

These beautiful glass fermenting airlocks are made by Speakeasy Glass in Carolina USA and are handblown.  The glass is a high heat borosilicate which will withstand heat so you can sterilise them in boiling water.
They have a cupped opening so you can place some cotton wool in the cup at the end if you wish.

The airlocks are a double chamber variety: these work by placing the airlock into the bung on your fermentation vessel and then filling the airlock with water until the water is halfway up each of the glass bubbles.
Air released as part of the fermentation process will rise up through the glass tube and then bubble out through the water filled chambers.  This allows the air to escape, but no oxygen can get in.

Why use an expensive handblown glass airlock when a cheap plastic one will do?

1.  On the basis that you are fermenting for either good health reasons, or because you have a premium product you wish to ferment or brew; why go to all the effort with all these premium ingredients and then trust their fate to a flimsy plastic airlock?

2.  Glass airlocks can be "musical".  As the gas bubbles out of the fermenting vessel, the bubbling sound "sings" through the airlock.  Imagine the music you could make with multiple ferments on the go!  It also lets you know how vigourously your fermentation is taking place.  You do not get this effect with a plastic airlock.

3.  You can colour code different ferments in identical vessels by using different coloured water in the airlock.  Alternatively you can purchase these airlocks in different colours.

*Listing is for airlock only - lid and jar not included.

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