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Fermenting Sauerkraut Stomper Vegetable Tamper

Fermenting Sauerkraut Stomper Vegetable Tamper

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If you are fermenting vegetables the key to a good fermentation is to extract the natural juices from the vegetables and allow you to get the products well packed in the jar.

It measures 35 - 40cm long and is 5 cm wide at the bottom, making it a perfect fit for any of our fermentation jars.

It weighs 500 - 600g so it would also make an excellent rolling pin, and if you live on the bad side of town, provides some additional protection if someone is breaking in!

We recommend treating the stomper with some olive oil or clean vegetable oil before use.

Do not wash it in the dishwasher or immerse it in water.  It can be cleaned using a damp cloth and make sure you air dry it after each use.  

As the product is wood, there may be small imperfections in the wood but these have been inspected as suitable for use as stompers.

Small cracks in the wood are normal and will not cause the stomper to split over time.

As these are handcrafted products there can be some variations in the length, width, weight and shape (note some are just straight on the sides and may have rounded heads, depending on the woodworker)

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