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Outlaw Herbs & Spices refill bags

Outlaw Herbs & Spices refill bags

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Outlaw Herbs & Spices refill bags 

Outlaw Herbs & Spices refill bags.  Default size is 100g.

Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients

100g will season up to 4kg of meat

250g will season up to 10kg of meat.

A delcious range of flavours to allow you to make tasty jerky, delicious chicken wings, spare-ribs and chops, spice up stir fries and pies, and sprinkle on potato wedges for a scrumptious snack.

Nitrate free!


Sizzling Szechuan spice: a hot and flavoursome blend of spices for an authentic Oriental flavour.  A delcious addition for stir fries.

Tasty Thai spice:  a spicy yet tangy blend with added lime leaves for a touch of sweetness.  Makes a deliciously sweet and tasty jerky.

Moroccan spice: a pungent blend with a highly defined cumin flavour, delicious on lamb chops.

Mediterranean BBQ spice: a blend of natural aromatic herbs and spices in the Mediterannean tradition and the perfect complement to poultry, meat, seafood and vegetables.  Try it on potato wedges.

Texan spice: a spice mixture typically used in Texas style barbecues.  A spicy blend of chilli and cumin and ideal for beef jerky.  Use it on spare ribs to impart a delicious flavour and keep your ribs moist and tender.

Cajun spice: a delicious blend of herbs and spices to recreate the flavours of the south

Lemon, chilli, garlic spice: a blend of basic flavours that are perfect on meat, poultry, fish and pork.

Lime Pepper spice: just the right combination of citric seasoning and freshly cracked black pepper to create a tantalising fresh seasoning.  Try this on some fish fillets before putting them on the barbeque.

Peppersteak spice: a traditional blend of pepper and spices.  Add to creamy pepper sauces or sprinkle over fresh tomatoes and place them under the grill.

Hickory Smoke spice: imparts a smokey flavour to jerky, wings and ribs.  

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