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Peach / Fruit Pitting Spoon

Peach / Fruit Pitting Spoon

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Peach / Fruit Pitting Spoon
Pitting Spoons, sometimes called Stone Removing Spoons, are great for home canning, restaurants, and even companies producing canned or frozen foods.  These spoons save lots of time when removing pits from peaches, plums, or scraping seeds from melons or squash, or taking the “choke” out of artichokes, OR scooping out orange shells.   There tends to be less fruit left on the pits, works with or without skin on the fruit.  It is safer than pitting with knife only.   All have a handy hole in the handle for hanging on peg or nail.  Length 15cm. 

The spoon’s edges are ground sharp.  Future sharpening can be done with a small whetstone or diamond hone.  The handle is of blue molded polypropylene for sanitary and safety purposes.  The embossed checker pattern aids in non-slip easy gripping.  The blades are made of high Carbon steel, which holds an excellent edge and can be easily resharpened.  Dishwasher and steam sanitizing safe.

The reason for the blue handle is because that is the only colour NOT found on fruits or vegetables?!  It makes these tools easy to spot when up to your elbows in preserving. 

The spoon is available in two versions, one with a pointed sharp end and the other with a rounded, blunt end.




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