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Quickasteam Microwave Cooking Bags Medium Pack of 30

Quickasteam Microwave Cooking Bags Medium Pack of 30

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Can you imagine steamed veggies, meat and fish done cooked in a fraction of the normal cooking time while retaining nutrients?  Now you don’t have to imagine and it can be done thanks to these brilliant QuickaSteam Microwave Steam Bags.


Each bag allows you to place your desired vegetables, chicken, fish or other meat inside.  Once sealed you simply place the bag in the microwave and cook until done, which takes less time than a conventional stove-top.


These medium sized QuickaSteam Microwave Steam Bags are ideal for 2-4 servings and save on time and the hassle of cleaning pots.


Based in the UK, Planit Products offer exciting and unique products to the consumer.  Their innovative designs are used globally to save time and money.




Size: Medium

Quantity: 30 bags

Servings: 2-4

Steam cook vegetables, meats, chicken and fish

Retains nutrients and taste in the food

No washing up

Easy to use


Made in the UK

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