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Sterilock Antibacterial Waterless Airlock For Alcohol Fermentation

SSterilock Antibacterial Waterless Airlock For Alcohol Fermentation

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  • Unique antibacterial airlock – The SteriLOCK allows Co2 to safely vent the fermentation chamber while preventing all contaminants – including bacteria – from entering the fermentation vessel.
  • Optional odour removal  - The SteriLOCK can be fitted with an Odour Absorbing Capsule that removes all fermentation smells (picture shows airlock on its own and with the odour capsule fitted)
  • Guaranteed airtight fit - Unlike existing airlocks, the SteriLOCK has a smooth insertion tube that ensures a 100% airtight fit with the lid grommet.
  • Fit and forget capability  - The SteriLOCK has no water barrier to top up and will continue to protect your ferments after fermentation.
  • Fits anywhere - SteriLOCK is only 2cm high, making it ideal for fermenting in tight spaces like cupboards and kitchen counters.
  • Low maintenance - Simply soak the SteriLOCK like a regular airlock after use.
  • Durable and safe - Made from tough food grade plastics, the SteriLOCK is virtually unbreakable, meaning you only buy this airlock once.
Using ‘Tortured Path Technology‘ the SteriLOCK’s patented nanoseal allows Co2 molecules to safely vent the fermentation chamber through micropores so small they prevent ingress of all contaminants – including both wild yeasts and even Bacteria. A truly unique ability that for the first time in fermentation history means fermenters can guarantee their precious creations remain contaminant free.
Include this unique ability with the many other unique benefits the SteriLOCK provides and it’s easy to see why it’s swiftly becoming recognised as the most advanced fermentation airlock in the world.

This version is specifically designed for home-brew and alcohol, and caters for the higher CO2 production from alcohol (this version can be used for both home brew/alcohol fermentaion as well as food fermentation, but the reverse does not apply. ie. The food fermentation airlock is not suitable for alcohol fermentation as the filter does not handle the higher CO2 output).

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