Canning, Preserving Kits and Accessories

Canning, Preserving Kits and Accessories

As Ozfarmer specialises in food preserving, you are bound to find everything you need to become an expert in no time. With a preserving kit you can bottle those vegetables or fruit you got from your garden or on special from the supermarket! Bottled food has been known to store for many years! Preserving food is very easy to do! And it’s a great insurance policy to future proof you and your family’s food supplies.

We offer a choice of both water bath units, used primarily for acidic foods and including our own custom made Ozfarmer Kensington preserving unit; and pressure canners which allow you to expand your preserving repertoire to include non acidic foods such as vegetables, soups, meats, fish and stock.  Some people even preserve milk!

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