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Brand: Imported
No farmhouse should be without a teapot for a good old fashioned cuppa!The teaology stainless steel teapot holds 950ml and has a removable infuser at the top for fuss free removal of tea leaves...
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The Original Apple Slinky Machine - Pares, Slices and Cores Apples
2-3 Days
Brand: Ezivac
Peels, cores and slices in one easy action turning each apple into an amazing 'apple slinky'.Kids love Apple Slinkies because rumour has it apples taste better when they've been put through the Apple Peeler Corer Slicer! You'll be amazed at how quickly your ap..
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This thermometer has a number of useful applications about the farm and home.Use it for preserving and cheesemaking as well as for testing milk temperature at milking.The thermometer is mercury free and a glass column.  The thermometer is protected by a sturdy plastic housing. A hanging loop..
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Brand: D-Line
The Tovolo Ladle Clip keeps almost any tool within reach without creating a mess on your stovetop or in a spoon rest. Heat resistant silicone and internal spring create a firm grip on almost any pot or pan!Heat resistant silicone won't scratch your cookware Extra-large hook securely holds most ..
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Brand: Imported
You’ve carefully tended the tomatoes in your garden. The fruits are soaked in sunshine during the long summer months.And now it's time to harness all that goodness and cook delicious tomato sauce and paste.Le Parfait’s Manual tomato press allows you to very quickly make flawless tomato sau..
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Brand: D-Line
Slicing, lifting and serving watermelon just got a lot easier thanks to the Appetito Watermelon Slicer. Part tongs, part knife, this innovative stainless steel kitchen tool efficiently cuts, lifts and serves watermelon slices while keeping your hands and your benchtop clean. No stress, no mess, no..
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