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Fermenting Crocks

Model: 5327
Entertain in style with this elegant 6L Drink Dispenser from Old Fashioned. Made from high quality glass, give your drinks that classic touch, perfect for any occasion.It is perfect for continuous brew kombucha or other home fermented drinksFeaturing a stainless steel tap and clip-top lid, this dispenser's wide mouth allows you to fill with ease all your favourite ingredients (photos show..
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FerMonster 6 Gallon PET Carboy Fermenter
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Model: 55716
The FerMonster features a wider 4” / 10cm mouth, so there is easier access for cleaning. It is made of heavy P.E.T. plastic.These Carboys do not use any plasticizer and are made with 100% Virgin material. Made with Food grade materials and BPA free. Comes with an O-ring and lid with airlock (airtight once the bung and airlock are correctly inserted) There are no ribs, only smooth sides,..
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Kombucha Crock Ceramic with Stainless Steel Tap Kombucha Crock Ceramic with Stainless Steel Tap
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Model: 73547
Make your own Kombucha with this beautiful ceramic crock that can hold up to 4 L (4 US qt) per batch. Whether you are a beginner or brew regularly, this crock is a perfect size. Scale up your Kombucha batch and discover continuous fermentation.Fermenting Kombucha yourself gives you the freedom to have as much or as little tart zing as you want. You can get creative with different tea varieties..
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Ceramic Fermenting Crock up to 3 litre capacity Ceramic Fermenting Crock up to 3 litre capacity
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Model: 74021
Make your own nutritious sauerkraut, kimchi and other fermented vegetables!Numerous studies have shown the beneficial health effects of fermented food, especially fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut or kimchi. Fermenting vegetables is a tasty way to preserve, while locking in all the healthy enzymes and probiotics. The 3 L Fermenting Crock fits up to two medium size cabbages and m..
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