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Ball Mason Pint and a Half Wide Mouth Jars and Lids case of 9 650ml

Longer vegetables such as asparagus, cucumbers, and long beans now have a jar that’s made just for them!

This 24oz jar (about 650ml) is an excellent choice for portioning soups and sauces. Perfect when pints are too small and quarts are too big.

Fit in standard canning pots

Use with recipes that call for quart size jars (if pressure canning process time should be that used for quart jars)

Freezer safe

Hold 3 cups of food

How to Store:

Enjoy Now - refrigerate up to 3 weeks

Fresh Preserve - store up to 1 year

Freezer safe (be sure to leave adequate headspace for food expansion)


9 Ball Wide Mouth Pint & a Half Glass Preserving Jars

9 Ball Wide Mouth Lids with Bands

Quick Tips

Wide mouth jars are especially suitable for fruit and vegetables as this gives you more room to get the items into the jar.

Safely and easily handle hot jars and lids fill jars and measure headspace and remove air bubbles.

Lids are not stainless steel. Hand wash lids only. Do not put in dishwasher. Dry thoroughly immediately after use to avoid corrosion.

For fresh preserving follow a tested preserving recipe such as those found in the  Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving.  Process as for quarts (litres).

Please note that Ball 70mm and 86mm canning jars can contain aesthetic irregularities eg. heavyblank seams, will not affect the intended performance of the jars. The aesthetic irregularity is caused in the molding process where the blank seam and the blow mold seam do not match up completely giving the impression of a crack.  This does happen on occasion and tested to ensure it provides the intended use end performance when they do appear.

DimensionsSize: Width 85mm x Height 173mm

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