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Market Stall Jars

We offer a range of jars suitable for small manufacturers and suited to food, cosmetics, candles and craft.

Large orders may qualify for further discounts.

6 x High Quality Half Pint 8oz Jars Orchard Road
Model: OR504
Orchard Road Regular Mouth Half Pint (8 oz) Jelly Jars are a heavy duty and premium quality jar ideal for recipes such as jams and jellies. They are also wonderful for crafts and storage and include three smooth sides for easy labelling.  They are supplied without lids.These jars are made from high quality glass which can be used for waterbath or pressure canning and are completely..
Ex Gst:$6.32
Model: Fruit jars x 12
These bottles have a 746ml capacity making them the perfect size for a variety of preserved produce including honey, pickles, chutneys, salsas and fruit.  The bottles have an attractive honey comb pattern at the top of the jar and are heavy duty enough to withstand processing in a water bath.  Surprise your friends with gifts of homegrown produce preserved in one of these bottles.The..
Ex Gst:$31.77
Model: FS08-88C x 84
French Square Dairy Bottles (also known as French Squares) are a space saving and elegant way to present and store a range of products.Traditionally used in dairies for storing milk, these jars can also be used to store dry foods, sauces, body lotions and more.The 8 oz size is also a very popular way to serve milk, juice and kefir. High quality tempered glass Square shape all..
Ex Gst:$149.95
Model: A24-01C
These lovely jars are very unusual in that they have a "thumbprint" imprint around the top of the jar.  The jar is a perfect complement for special foods or candles. Can be used for water bath / pressure canning.MADE in the USACapacity 24 oz (approximately 700ml)Takes Lid 89mm CT.Lids to be purchased separately if required.Height 12.5cmOutside diameter 9.6cmL..
$8.25 $15.95
Ex Gst:$7.50
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