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Orchard Road Preserving Canning Bottles

Preserving a way of life

At Orchard Road we believe that preserving a way of life is as important as preserving food itself. Its about a connection to the land. The feel of soil running through your fingers. The sun shining on your garden. Finding the perfect fruit or vegetable at your local market. It's about getting back to basics and celebrating all things fresh, natural and homemade.

Ozfarmer is the official Australian Distributor of Orchard Road jars and accessories.  Orchard Road cases come as jars only and lids need to be purchased separately.


6 x High Quality Half Pint 8oz Jars Orchard Road 6 x High Quality Half Pint 8oz Jars Orchard Road
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Brand: Orchard Road Model: OR504
Orchard Road Regular Mouth Half Pint (8 oz) Jelly Jars are a heavy duty and premium quality jar ideal for recipes such as jams and jellies. They are also wonderful for crafts and storage and include three smooth sides for easy labelling.  They are supplied without lids.These jars are made from high quality glass which can be used for waterbath or pressure canning and are completely..
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