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Lid Silicone Straw  Drinking  Ecojarz Suits Ball Mason Jars BPA & Chemical Free Regular Mouth

Ecojarz is a reusable lid which turns your everyday Ball preserving jar into a funky drink container.

Made of eco-friendly silicone, these lids don't contain any nasties like BPA, phthalates or chemical leach and so are a great choice for children and adults alike.  They come complete with a hole which is about 2.5mm wide and fits our recyclable stainless steel straws (but not the glass ones which are a little wider than the hole in the lid).  

Whether it's breakfast on the run or just a juice to keep you going at work, these lids help prevent unnecessary environmental waste from plastic disposable drink containers.  They also help prevent spills down your newly ironed shirt!

This listing is for a single lid only: it assumes you already have the jar which must have a standard 2 piece preserving lid.  The Ecojarz lid goes in place of the flat disk part of the lid whilst the band holds the lid in place on the jar.

Regular mouth bands can be purchased separately if you have a regular mouth jar with no band.


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