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2.5 Litre Weck Fermenting Glass Jar With Airlock and Plastic Tap Kefir Kombucha

Weck Kefir / Kombucha / Fermenting - 2.5 Litre Glass Jar With Plastic Airlock, Lid and Plastic Tap. Natural Probiotics. Made in Australia Weck
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Large 2.5 litre fermenting jar perfect for making kefir, kombucha and other fermented drinks.

Why kefit?  Kefir’s tart and refreshing flavor is similar to a drinking-style yogurt, but it contains beneficial yeast as well as friendly ‘probiotic’ bacteria found in yogurt. The naturally occurring bacteria and yeast in kefir combine symbiotically to give superior health benefits when consumed regularly. It is loaded with valuable vitamins and minerals and contains easily digestible complete proteins.

For the lactose intolerant, kefir’s abundance of beneficial yeast and bacteria provide lactase, an enzyme which consumes most of the lactose left after the culturing process.

How is Kefir Made?

Kefir can be made from any type of milk, cow, goat or sheep, coconut, rice or soy. Although it is slightly mucous forming, the mucous has a “clean” quality to it that creates ideal conditions in the digestive tract for the colonization of friendly bacteria.

Kefir is made from gelatinous white or yellow particles called “grains.” This makes kefir unique, as no other milk culture forms grains. These grains contain the bacteria/yeast mixture clumped together with casein (milk proteins) and complex sugars. They look like pieces of coral or small clumps of cauliflower and range from the size of a grain of wheat to that of a hazelnut. Some of the grains have been known to grow in large flat sheets that can be big enough to cover your hand!. The grains ferment the milk, incorporating their friendly organisms to create the cultured product. The grains are then removed with a strainer before consumption of the kefir and added to a new batch of milk.

Jar is lead and BPA free
NEW Model BPA Free plastic tap! 

If you wish to use a dunking weight with this jar, a medium weight will sit close to the mouth whilst the small size can be pushed further down in the jar.

Note picture shows a glass airlock that is currently discontinued. The jar comes standard with a plastic airlock.  As an optional upgrade, you can purchase the Sterilock waterless airlock with an optional odour absorbing capsule (which must be used with the Sterilock waterless airlock).  More information about the Sterilock airlocks can be seen here.

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