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Single Jars

Sometimes you just need a single jar for a single purpose and don't need a whole case.  Many of our jars can be purchased as single items, and sometimes also with the option of the jar only without the matching lid. Single jars are also good as samples to test if a particular size or style of jar is suitable for your purposes prior to committing to a larger purchase.
Model: SS straw straight
Straw Stainless Steel Drinking Straight, Great With Straw Lids And Handle Jars!Stainless steel straws add an elegance to any drink and are environmentally friendly as a bonus!Every year literally millions of plastic straws fill up land fills and cause death and injury to countless sea birds.Ditch the disposable straw and replace it with a reusable stainless straw.  Chemical free, reusa..
Ex Gst:$2.23
Model: Straw Brush
Ideal brushes for cleaning drinking straws such as the stainless steel straw.  The shaft is flexible enough to clean right into the bend of the straw.18cm long with 4mm diameter nylon brushes on twisted steel wire shaft...
Ex Gst:$2.68
Model: 1 Litre Juice Soap Dispenser Single
Weck 1 litre Soap Dispenser with Stainless Steel PumpHave you noticed how just about everything comes in plastic containers these days?  Liquid soap is no exception and when the pump is empty usually the pump has stopped working properly so even if you have bought a refill container of soap, there is now no way to dispense it.  Argh, how frustrating!This problem is solved with the Weck S..
Ex Gst:$19.95
Model: Weckcookb
This book is a useful addition to any preserving library and particularly if you are using Weck jars. It provides comprehensive information on how Weck jars are used and for water bathing a range of products. Chapters include troubleshooting tips, information on how to can safely and recipes for berries, fruit, fruit butters, pickled vegetables, cakes, jams and jellies.Note that the book states ..
Ex Gst:$22.73
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