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Ozfarmer Australia has arguably Australasia's biggest range of preserving jars!

We stock well known brands such as Ball, Bormioli Rocco, Fido, Le Parfait, Orchard Road and Weck.  

We also stock lesser known brands and unbranded jars in a range of sizes and closure types.

Browse our most popular lines here, and if there is a particular size and style you don't see, contact us to see if we can source it for you.

1 x Gallon Clear Glass Growler Jar  (Lid not included)
Model: A128-08C
Large size loop jar / growler suitable for a range of liquids including beer, cider, kombucha, vinegar and more. Huge capacity jar with stylish carry loop makes the jar a feature in any kitchen or bar!These Gallon (128 oz) growlers take 38mm screw top lids. MADE in the USA.Capacity 128oz (approximately 3800ml)Takes Lid 38mm CT which needs to be purchased separately..
Ex Tax:$14.50
1 x Gallon JAR Bell  (Lid Not Included)
Model: A4128-C x 1
An extra wide mouth gallon jar with close to 4 litres capacity.Great for bulk canning, fermenting, dry storage, cookies, candy and terrariums. Often used for pickles, pickled eggs, kombucha, and various bulk storage items. Wider than wide mouth home canning jars (86mm), these jars take 110mm closures.Made in the USA!​Capacity 128oz (approximately 3800ml)Takes Lid 110mm CT Screw To..
Ex Tax:$12.68
Model: Soap dispenser green pint
These beautiful dispensers look very elegant in a kitchen, bathroom or laundry!Equipped with a stainless steel press pump and stainless steel lid, they are just the thing for storing and dispensing liquid soap, lotion and even oil.Whilst the lid is stainless, it is not a marine grade stainless steel and will corrode if left wet for extended periods. We recommend leaving some room between ..
Ex Tax:$13.59
1 x Half Gallon 64oz Wide Mouth Jar and Lid Ball Mason SINGLE
Model: Ball Half Gallon Jar
Ball Wide Mouth Half Gallon (2 Litre) Glass Preserving Jars are ideal for fresh preserving apple and grape juices. The half gallon is a perfect size to use with the Pickle Pipe lid to ferment vegetables, kombucha and even ginger beer!Also available by the case of 6 at a discounted price How to Store:    * Enjoy Now – refrigerat..
Ex Tax:$9.95
1 x Half Pint REGULAR Mouth Jar with Lid Ball Mason SINGLE
Out Of Stock
Model: 1 x Half Pint Reg Mouth Ball
Ball Regular Mouth Half Pint (240ml) Glass Preserving Jars are ideal for fresh preserving recipes such as jams, jellies, sauces, mustards and flavoured vinegars.  Ball bottles fit inside Fowlers Vacola stove top and electric units, as well as in the new Kensington Food Preserver.  They can also be used in pressure canners, with the advantage that you can double stack them..
Ex Tax:$3.59
Model: Ball Handle Jar RM
Ball® Drinking Mason JarsPerfect for parties, home entertaining or as gifts, this Ball® mason jar glassware is made in the USA with the same high quality glass as Ball® canning jars but with a handle to make holding the jar much easier. Ball® mason jars with handles are available in 16 oz. regular mouth and 24 oz. wide mouth sizes as single jars or multi jar packs.Designed to be used ..
Ex Tax:$6.32
Model: Handle jar
These mugs are used as moonshine glasses and as beer glasses in bars and restaurants all over the USA. A unique gift package for candles, lollies, homemade jams, etc. -- when emptied these mugs make fun drinking glasses.  Put a plastic lid on them and they make a great glass for a kids’ party or even fill them with lemonade or punch for a fun idea for a picnic, barbeque or..
Ex Tax:$2.50
Model: Ozi Handle jar
C'mon  Ozi C'mom! Get a quality Ozi Pint Jar! Embossed with an image of Australia and the words "Ozi Jar" these are sure to be a huge hit! A unique gift for the overseas visitor or to show off to your mates! In the pubs in clubs around Australia you will soon be no longer asking for a pint, but for an "Ozi"  Put a plastic lid on them and they make a great glass for a kids’ party or ..
Ex Tax:$4.50
The EZ-Cap bottles come with a re-usable gasket cap assembly which snaps firmly into position by means of a wire cam, resulting in the popular wire-bale or swing-top look, while providing a tight seal. Suitable for home brews, home made syrups, extracts, sauces and more! *The gasket cap assembly is included, but requires attachment.*Also available in pack of 12.The EZ-cap bottles are a h..
Ex Tax:$5.41
Model: Ball Pint Half Jar
  Longer vegetables such as asparagus, cucumbers, & long beans now have a jar that’s made just for them!This 24oz jar (about 650ml) is an excellent choice for portioning soups and sauces. Perfect when pints are too small and quarts are too big.Fit in standard canning potsUse with recipes that call for quart size jars (if pressure canning process time should be that used fo..
Ex Tax:$8.14
Model: Pint Regular Single
  Ball Regular Mouth Pint (437ml) Glass Preserving Jars are ideal for fresh preserving recipes such as salsas, syrups, sauces, fruits and vegetables.Ball's famous glass jars and closures go beyond fresh preserving to help you with serving creative decor and gift giving.Regular mouth pints are nearly a staple size jar in any preserver's kitchen!  At Ozfarmer Australia, so..
Ex Tax:$5.00
1 x Pint Soap Dispenser Ball Mason REGULAR Mouth With Stainless Steel Pump
Model: Pint Soap Single
High Quality Soap Dispenser Pint Regular Mouth Stainless Steel Pump!1 Ball® Regular Mouth Glass Preserving JarThese soap dispensers are liquid dispensers...
Ex Tax:$11.77
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