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Cattle Prod Compact Electric / Battery

Cattle Prod Compact Electric / Battery Farming Supplies

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Compact pocket-size lower-powered prodder ideal for dairy use.  

Press button for shock delivery. 

Loud buzzer sound when shocking.  

These devices are now commonly carried by people walking dogs where there are nuisance dogs in the area.

Supplied with 4.5v alkaline battery.

Weighs only 150gm.

Dimensions 14cm x 8cm

Output 2800V

How to set up and operate.

  • Remove cap at base of unit by sliding off.
  • Battery is then inserted terminal side down
    • Either way around is fine there is not positive and negative side.
    • This can be quite tight – if need be loosen screws near bottom to fit and retighten
  • Refit cover on base.

To operate                      

  • Place against animal
  • Press button on side (loud buzzing sound made)


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