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Cheaper Shipping

Why shipping charges sometimes seem high and how to get the best rate?

Our shipping calculators are linked directly to Australia Post's and other couriers servers so the rate you see is the rate Australia post, for example, would charge you at the post office. We add nothing extra to this cost or add the cost of packaging your order. 

  • As the freight calculators are weight based you can ensure that you are getting the "best bang for your buck" by adding or removing items from your cart.
  • For example; if you had a packet of Ball Mason disposable labels that would weigh about 100g you would be charged about $8.75 (the minimum parcel rate) but, if you bought 6 packets of disposable labels the postage would remain about the same so by buying extra you can sometimes achieve a "Free Shipping" bonus!
  • Add or subtract items to your cart at checkout and after changing the number of items you may notice the shipping charges fall or rise.

For International Orders, please check to see if there will be a customs charge within your own country. We are not responsible for the payment of customs duties to another country.