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When making cheese, milk needs to be kept warm, sometimes for several hours, while the cheese culture and / or rennet acidify the milk to create curds and whey.

The Cheesemaker is an easy piece of equipment to achieve this, allowing the milk to stay warm enough to incubate most types of cheese and yoghurt.


  • Thick insulating walls that keep the milk warm
  • Contains a 4 L cheese vat for hard cheese and a 1 L cheese vat for soft cheese
  • Easy to follow instructions to ensure your cheesemaking works as well as possible
  • All parts are made of BPA free plastic
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe for easy clean up

Note, that whilst the vat provides good insulation, constant opening of the lid to check the temperature will cause the heat to drop and the incubator will then need to be refilled to the recommended temperature to remain effective and ensure that the milk acidifies as expected.


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