Chia Seed Sprouting Bulk Organically Certified - NOT TAS or WA

  • Chia Seed Sprouting Bulk Packs Organically Certified - NOT TAS or WA
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(Salvia rhyacophila) - Organically Grown

Chia is a hardy annual to 1.5 metres, leaves used in salads, seeds for sprouts. Seeds rich in vitamins and protein, forage plant. Whole plant regarded as survival food. Use organic chia seed for eating or sowing. Chia is well known for its superfood qualities and it is easy to grow to save your own seeds for eating.  Can be eaten as sprouts or microgreens.

Full Sun or Part Shade.

Sow Spring-Summer. 

Bulk packs available in 10g, 50g and 100g bags

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