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Kruuse Colostrometer

Kruuse Colostrometer
Kruuse Colostrometer
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Calf survivability is dependent on receiving at least 1.5 - 2 litres of high quality colostrum within their first hours of life. Quality of colostrum as judged by the density of antibodies can be extremely variable. The colostrometer is an instrument that will determine the quality of colostrum for you.   With this tool you can ensure that only high quality colostrum is saved for newborn calves and also determine when new milk is colostrum-free to be offered for sale.

The Kruuse colostrometer comes with a beaker to hold the milk sample. The densimeter device is then floated in the milk where the density is read off the scale. A chart converts the density reading to a colostrum quality with lower density being lower quality milk.

Instructions are supplied. 

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