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Couma All Weather Rodenticide Rat Mice Poison Blocks 8kg

Couma All Weather Rodenticide Rat Mice Poison Blocks 8kg
Couma All Weather Rodenticide Rat Mice Poison Blocks 8kg

Rat and mice poisons, known as rodenticides, are a convenient, effective way to control harmful rodents. However rodenticides can also harm and kill local wildlife and pets through direct and secondary poisoning.

Worldwide, wildlife and pets have been shown to be at risk from rodenticide poisoning.

Anticoagulant rodenticides cause an animal to die by excessive bleeding. They are effective at killing rodents but other animals can also be attracted to the baits and,since the rodents take several days to die, native animals may eat dead and readily-captured dying rodents. Anticoagulant rodenticides can be divided into two classes.

First Generation Rodenticides containing the active ingredients Warfarin and Coumatetralyl. First generation rodenticides work more slowly and break down more quickly. Owls and other wildlife are unlikely to die from secondary exposure to these active ingredients.

Second Generation Rodenticides containing the actives ingredients Brodifacoum, Bromadialone) and Difenacoum.  These baits are a higher risk to  non target animals.

Surefire COUMA All-Weather Blocks rodenticide is aready-to-use first-generation multi-feed anticoagulant bait.

Highly palatable - no bait shyness

Contains COUMATETRALYL as the active ingredient

Coumatetralyl is metabolized rapidly in dead rodents, decreasing the risk of secondary poisoning.

Registered for use in macadamia, sugar cane & pineapple plantations.

Contains Bitrex human-taste deterrent.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Approved for use in farm buildings, dairies, meatworks and wharf areas.

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