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Dehorner Barnes 42cm

Dehorner Barnes 42cm
Dehorner Barnes 42cm
Barnes dehorners offer a simple dehorning solution for calves up to about 15 months old. They are a low-cost tool used to scoop out the whole horn bud, ideally also with a ring of hair at the base to ensure prevention of regrowth.

Use 32cm tool for calves up to eight months and 42cm tool for calves up to 15 months. Our economy dehorners are quite adequate for the task, but the quality versions are from Stone Mfg, USA, and feature concentric jaws which cut cleanly all around, without clashing. The quality tools also feature Rockwell 45-standard hardened jaws to retain their cutting edge for life.

The stainless steel tool has the advantage of resistance to corrosion. Even the hinge rivet is stainless. Features as for quality range.

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