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Chrome-Brass Rumen Drench Pump

Chrome-Brass Rumen Drench Pump
Chrome-Brass Rumen Drench Pump

Chromed brass pump can be used for administration of large volume oral remedies, or for other volume-pumping requirements. 
A continuous flow is achieved as the device pumps on both upward and downward strokes.
The castellated foot device prevents suctioning to container bottom, and also has a nipple suitable for connection of a 10mm suction tube.
Dimension is overall height of pump. Barrel is outside diameter. Stroke volume is each cycle - up and down.
NB: The 65mm pump is supplied with both a Xmas-tree and a quick-fit coupling.

Care must be taken when volume drenching livestock.  Use only under the instruction / supervision of a veterinarian.


HeightBarrel diametervolume/strokeOutlet nipple
40cm28mm120ml12 - 17mm
52cm28mm200ml12 - 17mm
65cm50mm700ml12 - 17mm

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