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Nylon Drinking Water Bowl

Nylon Drinking Water Bowl
Nylon Drinking Water Bowl
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Water bowls are handy to have around stock as they provide a constant source of fresh water.

This bowl has a number of benefits which makes it superior to some cheaper models in the market:

Fully resistant to corrosion in any water;

Plastic bowl is livestock-friendly;



Hinged  stainless steel lid allows for easy access to float assembly.  

There is only one moving part: a polypropylene float arm which pivots on a fulcrum pin.

An ingenious adjustable valve maintains a constant level of water.

Drain incorporated. Capacity 4 litres. 15mm inlet on left hand side only

Designed for low pressure water or town water up to 100+ psi.  If your water pressure is higher the unit will constantly leak.  Pressure reducers can be purchased from hardware shops to help alleviate this problem.

Dimensions:  28cm L x 28cm W x 12cm D.



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