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Ezidri Snackmaker Dehydrator FD500

Ezidri Snackmaker Dehydrator FD500 Ezivac

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With three choices of temperature and a drying capacity of 15 trays, the Snackmaker is the perfect all-rounder.

  • The Snackmaker can be used for dehydrating anything from herbs to fruit, from meat to vegetables – even flowers... all in the one unit!
  • The Snackmaker is a great way to get into dehydrating, because it offers you plenty of drying flexibility and variety at an affordable price.
  • By choosing the Snackmaker, you are able to dry herbs, flowers and meats in the future, even though your first thought may have only been fruit rollups and vegetables! (This is the difference between the Snackmaker and the Classic. Because of its fixed temperature, your drying ability is limited with the Classic).
  • No rotation of trays required. Short drying times, average 8-12 hours for most produce depending on moisture content. The Snackmaker boasts low running costs and a thermal cut out safety feature for your peace of mind.

The Ezidri Snackmaker comes complete with…

  1. 5 trays, 1 solid sheet, 1 mesh sheet and 1 detailed instruction/recipe book.
  2. Soft touch temperature control with three settings and a capable 500W element.
  3. The capability of drying up to 15 trays of produce or 10 trays of pureed fruit (for rollups) at once.
  4. With an average drying time of 8-12 hours, the unit can be left overnight to produce trays of tasty snacks.
  5. The unique airflow pattern of Ezidri which means no tray rotation and fast, even drying.
  6. 2 year service and repair warranty. (Spare parts available)
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