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Farmhand Cattle Prodder Yellow Battery Powered 83cm shaft

Farmhand Cattle Prodder Yellow Battery Powered 83cm shaft
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Farmhand Cattle Prodder Yellow Battery Powered 83cm shaft
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These reliable prodders are supplied with 4 C Cell batteries located in a fully sealed compartment.

The unit can cope with short term immersion in water (water resistant to IV45)

Features on/off master switch to prevent accidental misuse and to eliminate any residual shock.

Round cornered mouldings with no cavities to collect dirt.

Handle unit is lightweight and the shaft is polycarbonate and features an o-ring seal to ensure contacts stay dry.

This prodder is suitable for use by truckies, drovers and abattoir workers.

Please check with your local state or territory regarding any restrictions on the use of prodders.  We do not recommend their use on horses even if it is legal in your area.

There are alternative ways to encourage horses to keep moving in a particular direction including:

- using flappers, backing boards, canes with flags attached, or the hand, arm or body of the stock handler

- minimising distractions that may cause a horse to baulk or turn back

- considering the configuration of collecting areas, races and ramps to make movement easy and minimise stress. The use of wider races (compared to those used for cattle) with smooth open corners and no obstacles (including flapping hessian/plastic, etc.) will facilitate easier movement and loading of horses.

Weight 680g

Output 6900v

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