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This variation on the regular Big Softy teat is for use with 54mm id screw-cap teat-mount fittings.NB: When mounting slit should be vertical with longer teat-tip upper most..
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The problem with many chook feeders is that a lot of feed can be lost due to chooks scratching.This feeder is all galvanised metal with anti feed loss holes.It also features an opening lid and removable grillOther useful features are the hanging hooks so you can hang it easily at a heigh..
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Genia Strap Band Cohesive Bandage Bitter Taste is an elastic cohesive bandage with a bittering agent that aims to prevent pets chewing and tearing at their bandages. It is self adhesive, without sticking to skin and hair. Easy to apply.Self-adhesive, without sticking to the skin or the hair. ..
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The 2″ size may make this disc seem small, but it is very mighty! With the control of a light weight tool, our disc will help you get through the toughest of jobs.The Black Cut-Off Disc is a 2″ disc made of aluminium oxide with a 10 mm center hole.This disc is used to trim off nail heads af..
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Leather calf collar is black colour oil treated with high quality heavy duty roller buckles. Sewn and riveted.Extra holes to allow for growth. Length 75cm x 30mm wide...
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Black sunflower is higher in oil than grey stripe sunflower, so is more suited to poultry, wild birds or birds that have more room to fly around. Can also be fed to horses and ruminants. Seed comes in a variety of different size packs.The seed may also be sown but as it is not specifically br..
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A sad part of farming is that animals can get sick or sustain injuries from which there is no recovery.  For many farmers it is not viable or practical to call on a vet to euthanase the animal and this is where the captive bolt device comes into play.A captive bolt device is used for safe a..
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Every cattle farmer needs a decent bloat knife. This one is made for the job. Just make sure it  always hangs on the same handy nail to grab in that  emergency.10cm blade. 23cm over-all.Sheath available separately..
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Special  quality sheath of heavy-duty leather riveted around  blade for safety and also with elastic safety loop for  handle.Photo shows sheath with the bloat knife for illustrative purposes.  Knife avaialble separately. ..
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This is a purpose-built livestock grooming machine. All steel construction.Heavy duty ball-bearing variable-speed 2hp 240v motor. Suitable for operation in verticle or horozontal position. Air volume on low speed is 35cfm and 100cfm on high speed. Nozzle air speed is 10,000fpm (180kph) on low an..
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The Blue Medium Grit Disc is a 2″ diameter flat steel disc coated with a heat infused tungsten carbide CG grit. The disc is designed to remove hoof material through abrasion. The blue disc is best suited for the hooves of most average size goats, sheep and pigs that are maintained on a frequent bas..
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Spray booms need only the slightest traces of grain - spray chemicals (for example) to kill legume crops. Boom Kleen cleans and neutralises all internal pump, hose and boom surfaces. It in fact etches all internal surfaces back to bare metal etc. But even though it completely cleans out any spray re..
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