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The single burner branding furnace is our most popular single burner furnace with a 30cm opening.  It has a traditional design, but with some improvements for ease of use.
The one-piece snap-in legs are firm and stable, and the one-piece handle-frame and brands-rest snaps into place.
The all-steel furnace body is lined with a special cement-based ‘fire-brick’ product to retain and reflect maximum heat. (The burning chamber is filled with styrene to protect the fire-brick in transit. This must be removed before use.)

The body is fully galvanised and the fire brick refractory can replaced to prolong the life of the unit.
Instructions are included.
All parts are interchangeable with traditional furnaces.
This furnace has a 30cm brands opening, and a single gas burner.
Can heat two numbers and a 3-piece brand together

Note the furnace has no floor

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