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Hook-and-loop type bands suitable for use around the hock of milking cows. These bands stay on well, but are not as secure as ankle-fitting Leg Bands but they are more visible in the dairy, and are easier (and safer) to apply and remove, and they stay cleaner. Just be sure to put on both legs, or u..
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Dairymen have used a variety of products for quick and easy temporary identification in the cowshed. Plastic insulation tape is often used, but this can often shrink after application and cause some pain and aggravation. Ordinary hardware-store duct tape is cheap, and is easy to apply, but generall..
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Hook and loop nylon leg bands. Simply wrap around the cow´s leg and press together for quick, temporary identification. To remove, grasp and pull. Easy to clean and completely re-usable. Legbands may be written on with a standard tag marker if required. Be sure to put on both legs, if using for ant..
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Quick Straps are the easiest of all leg straps to use and are the most visible on the cow. The protruding end of the Quick Strap is like a ´flag´ waving on the cow´s leg. The Quick Strap is removed simply by pressing the release button! For added safety we recommend using Quick Straps on both legs ..
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Strong plastic-backed waterproof bands with self-adhesive tab. Can be written on with a waterproof marking pen to give reliable identification especially for patients of vet clinics, or clients of boarding facilities, etc. Also useful for tagging new-born lambs, kids, puppies, etc. Bands are 50cm l..
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Brand: Imported
Top quality ear notcher from Stone Manufacturing Inc, in USA.Die-cast aluminium, with heat-treated cutting plate. V-cut 3mm x 3mm. (Notcher incorporates a depth stop to reduce notch to small size required.)This notcher is individually hand finished. Ideal for new-born piglets. Length 13cm o...
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Raidex Raidl is a wax-based marker suitable for use on all types of livestock (but not for use on wool). Ideal marker for pigs. Marks last longer than aerosol or dry raddle marks. Handy pocket-size wind-up tube, with sealing cap. Length 12cm, dia 3cm. Contents 75gm.  ..
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