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Calf Rearing

The M1 is a convenient and versatile feeder for either wall mounting or for rail hanging. The M1 is carried like a bucket and when empty can be nested for easy carrying and minimum storage space. A big feature of this feeder is Shoof  special no-leaks Big Softy teat. The M1 is easy to clean having n..
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To ensure maximum antibody protection is given to new-born calves, four litres of good quality colostrum should be fed in the first 12 hours of life. Colostrum quality can vary significantly from cow to cow. This BRIX-scale refractometer enables you to easily test colostrum quality for cow or mare m..
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Spare teats are supplied as a fitted teat/cap assemblies or as bare teat. (Teat replacement needs some strength to achieve.)..
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Simple traditional plunger makes quick work of mixing milk powder in larger containers. All stainless steel. Small: length 88cm, disc diameter 15cm Large: length 1.1 metre, disc diameter 22cm Photo shows the large model; the small model has a D handle)..
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This drencher uses a well proven design of rigid drench probe. This makes a very useful flow-adjustable stomach feeder. Comes in a 2.5 litre and 4 litre version. Note, the probe is not designed as a carry handle for the full bottle attached.  If the probe is broken this way the warranty is ..
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Features a 2.5 litre capacity and ergonomically designed so that the bottle will fit well in your hand while feeding The Supreme Calf Feeder and Supreme Calf Teat (with valve) has been designed to perform a suckling action resulting in a controlled feed and aiding digestion Designed so the bot..
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2.5 Litre Capacity Ergonomically designed so that they fit well in your hand while feeding The flow feeder has the advantage of being able to control the flow of liquid, with 3 speed settings. This can be an advantage if you have a weak calf as it may drown if the liquid flows too quickly W..
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The EXCAL Fast-flow tube-delivery teat was the fore-runner of all modern calfeteria teats for group feeding of large numbers of calves. Invented by Mrs Nan Duffy, the Fast-flow internal shape creates a pump-like effect as the calf bites it. The first biting action closes the base end of the teat, an..
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Very good quality natural latex rubber calf teat. Fits bottles with neck approx. 25mm outer diameter. (This teat has no air inlet.) Available as single teat or in packs of 25 and 144...
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Made of soft black rubber The most popular teat on the market for feeding young calves. It is generally fitted into a 20-21mm diameter drilled hole in any plastic or metal container. Mainly used in gravity feed situations such as a plastic bucket or container and can be used with our calfete..
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Small nylon brush for easy cleaning inside of calf and lamb feeding teats. Possible other uses cleaning small openings. Dimension is overall length x uncompressed bristle diameter. 20cm x 10mm 20cm x 13mm..
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There is no doubt calves do better on warm milk. Our 240 volt Milk Warmer uses a 2000 watt element encased in alloy for immersing in milk or any liquid to a maximum 70cm depth. For deeper containers and plastic bottom containers machine must be suspended or stood on a suitable stand. (Do not suspend..
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