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Castration and Dehorning

Castration and Dehorning
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20 x Castration Rings For Lambs, Kids And Calves

These marking rings are equal quality to any on the market with production being continually  monito..

$3.50 Ex Tax: $3.18

Antiseptic Dusting Powder

A very effective antiseptic and fungicide, with mild astringent properties. Especially suitable f..

$36.50 Ex Tax: $33.18

Barnes 32cm Dehorner

Barnes dehorners offer a simple dehorning solution  for calves up to about 15 months old. They are a..

$31.50 Ex Tax: $28.64

Bull Callicrate Bander Complete Castration and Dehorning Kit

This tool developed in USA is for the purpose of ensuring bulls can achieve the fastest possible gro..

$999.00 Ex Tax: $908.18

Calf Debudding Restrainer

Debudding and dehorning of stronger calves can be a difficult exercise.   This positive restraint so..

$160.75 Ex Tax: $146.14

California Bander Application Tool Only

The California Bander was developed in USA to give breeders a low-cost tool for achieving delayed ca..

$85.50 Ex Tax: $77.73

Callicrate WEE Bander Kit

The Callicrate WEE bander has been developed for safe, and 100% reliable, castration of small animal..

$525.00 Ex Tax: $477.27

Callicrate WEE Bander Loops 25-pack

The Callicrate WEE bander has been developed for safe, and 100% reliable, castration of small animal..

$75.95 Ex Tax: $69.05

Castration / Marking Ring Applicator Castrator Plastic

This applicator is especially suitable for the breeder  with a small number of animals to dock or c..

$15.25 Ex Tax: $13.86

Castration Ring Applicator

Applicators are made in many places in many different qualities. This one is high quality at a low  ..

$28.50 Ex Tax: $25.91

Castration Rings For Lambs, Kids And Calves Various Size Packs

These marking rings are equal quality to any on the market with production being continually monitor..

$2.20 Ex Tax: $2.00

Debudder Butane Express Pistol Complete

The Express debudder is made in France, and is supplied in a big heavy-duty carry case, complete wit..

$475.00 Ex Tax: $431.82

Debudder Butane Gas Buddex Cordless Set

This tool from Germany is our premium gas debudder. Ideal for the large-scale calf rearer. It is su..

$475.00 Ex Tax: $431.82

Debudder Electric Cordless Buddex

Buddex will do 12-15 calves per charge. Press the cold Buddex onto the horn bud. No need even to cl..

$475.00 Ex Tax: $431.82

Debudder Electric SAMS 24V

This SAMS debudder uses a transformer to reduce 240v mains power to a safe and powerful 24v debuddin..

$569.00 Ex Tax: $517.27

Dehorner / Wire Saw Bridle 50cm Cattle, Sheep, Deer, Goat

This is a must-have item for every farmer, and it is handy for your emergency/survivalist kit!   ..

$14.25 Ex Tax: $12.95

Dehorner Adhesive Paste

Thick tar-like paste from Keystone Dehorner especially formulated for glueing Keystone Dehorner Pack..

$37.95 Ex Tax: $34.50

Dehorner Adhesive Tape

This weather-resistant tape is prepared by Keystone Dehorner for attaching Keystone dehorning packin..

$28.95 Ex Tax: $26.32

Dehorner Antler Saw Curved

High quality curved saw ideal for fast and clean dehorning of any livestock. Made from Japanese SK4..

$85.50 Ex Tax: $77.73

Dehorner Barnes 42cm

Barnes dehorners offer a simple dehorning solution for calves up to about 15 months old. They are a..

$41.00 Ex Tax: $37.27

Dehorner Cold Spray IceCool 400ml

Use a quick spray of this prior to any mechanical dehorning. Freezing the immediate area tissue def..

$15.95 Ex Tax: $14.50

Dehorner Farmhand Large Geared

The Farmhand heavy duty dehorner has been designed to suit the high end of the dehorning market, whe..

$665.00 Ex Tax: $604.55

Dehorner Wire Saw 12 metre

Dehorning wire has been used for many years for removing mature or semi mature horns. This special w..

$19.95 Ex Tax: $18.14

Dehorning wire for horn tipping

12 metres of strong wire which can be used to remove the tips from horns or to help remove a dead fo..

$72.25 Ex Tax: $65.68

Dehorning wire handles

Wire handles with wire are an excellent way to dehorn animals. These stainless steel dehorning handl..

$28.50 Ex Tax: $25.91

Double Crush Castrator / Emasculator

Reimers emasculation crushes and cuts as separate actions. Length 33cm. The quality version is..

$331.75 Ex Tax: $301.59

Electric Quality Horn Debudder

Quality Electric Horn Debudder   German manufactured 240V tool with significant benefits.   It..

$265.25 Ex Tax: $241.14

Embryotomy Wire Top Doc

Economy embryotomy and dehorning wire 12 metres..

$19.95 Ex Tax: $18.14

Farmhand LPG Cattle Debudder

The Farmhand LPG debudder is a solid tool with a good heavy copper tip which will hold its heat wel..

$335.01 Ex Tax: $304.55

Heavy Duty LPG Cattle Debudder

Heavy duty LPG gas debudder which will maintain the highest temperature even in cold conditions. ..

$569.25 Ex Tax: $517.50

Henderson Castrator

  Revolutionary castration technique developed in USA. The emasculator handle is fitted into a vari..

$999.00 Ex Tax: $908.18

Horn Bud Trimming Scissors

Horn Bud Trimming Scissors   For successful debudding with a cautery (heat) tool it is importa..

$14.25 Ex Tax: $12.95

James Scully Keystone Dehorner

James Scully Keystone Dehorner   The best value for money dehorners around. The James Scully Keyst..

$474.25 Ex Tax: $431.14

Kamer Emasculator / Castrator

Kamer is a recognised European brand. These forged steel emasculators are of very good quality but a..

$113.00 Ex Tax: $102.73

Kerbl (Eurofarm) Electric Debudder

Eurofarm Electric Debudder Eurofarm is a quality European brand made in Germany. This is a high q..

$189.00 Ex Tax: $171.82

Kerbl (Eurofarm) Electric Debudder Tip Only

Tips are of stainless steel for long life. The standard tip is 18mm (select the large size) Smalle..

$28.50 Ex Tax: $25.91

Keystone Dehorner Packing

Keystone Dehorner Packing   From Keystone Dehorner in USA. Prevent blood loss by using this simple..

$47.50 Ex Tax: $43.18

Lamb Marking Knife Taylors

Hardwood handle with castration blade one end, and spay hook the other. (Hook is not sharp on inner..

$74.95 Ex Tax: $68.14

Plastic Castration / Marking Ring Applicator Castrator with 30 marking rings included

This applicator is especially suitable for the breeder  with a small number of animals to dock or ..

$19.95 $16.50 Ex Tax: $15.00

Portasol Gas Debudder Cordless MK3

Portasol Gas Debudder Cordless MK3   The MK3 model is the latest Portasol model. This is a ver..

$331.50 Ex Tax: $301.36

Single Crush (Straight) Castrator Emasculator

Single Crush Emasculator (Straight) The Sand emasculator features a single crush jaw which brings o..

$379.25 Ex Tax: $344.77

Verboczy Triple Crush Castrator / Emasculator

Triple crush emasculators have clamping crushing and cutting actions to minimise the risk of haemorr..

$189.25 Ex Tax: $172.05

These wide mouth bands are tough and won't rust!  Made of BPA free, phthalate free plastic, they are..
Ex Tax: $4.50
1.7 oz Mini Woozy Bottle with 18mm CT (continuous thread) Finish. Capacity is approximately 50ml. T..
Ex Tax: $1.50
Spare teats are supplied as a fitted teat/cap assemblies (green for Easy Feeder and blue for Speedy ..
Ex Tax: $8.14
Last cartons in assorted sizes: no ongoing stock available. 140ml capacity.  Perfect for jams and..
Ex Tax: $37.23
This is a blend for horses. This mix ensures safety to the animal as all grasses are low in oxalate ..
Ex Tax: $250.00
This is a blend specifically for the horse enthusiast. This mix ensures safety to the animal as all ..
Ex Tax: $25.00
Medium leaved winter active clover suited to irrigation. Haifa white clover is a highly product..
Ex Tax: $4.50
Vitamin B1 Thiamine 100ml Actions: VITAMIN B1 INJECTION provides the essential vitamin Thiamine.   ..
Ex Tax: $17.23
Complete kit to set up milk transfer ideal for use in calf feeding. Includes 45 litres-per-minute..
Ex Tax: $513.64
(Daucus carota) - Untreated Seed   Solar Yellow Carrot is an early maturing variety - 65 days. Yel..
Ex Tax: $3.59
Lid One Piece High Temp Regular Mouth Waterbath / Pressure Preserving Silver Suits All Ball Mason Re..
Ex Tax: $0.59
These coloured  lids are an attractive single piece lid. Use on regular mouth jars. They can be ..
Ex Tax: $0.59
Introducing a single piece high heat lid to use with all wide mouth Ball Mason, Kerr and Bormioli Ro..
Ex Tax: $0.91
These weights are actually Weck reusable Glass Lids.  Made of the highest quality glass, they contai..
Ex Tax: $2.27
Ball Wide Mouth Bands for preserving fit all wide mouth (86mm) glass preserving jars. Seal in the fr..
Ex Tax: $0.41
Ball Mason Wide Mouth Pint  Jars and Lids Case of 12 BPA Free Lids Ball Wide Mouth Pint (437ml) G..
Ex Tax: $27.27
Wide Mouth Lids Ball Mason - Box of 12  BPA free  Ball Wide Mouth Lids  for preserving fit all wi..
Ex Tax: $3.41
Lid (No Band) Wide Mouth Preserving Silver Suit All Ball Mason Wide Mouth Preserving Jars (1 Only)  ..
Ex Tax: $0.41
Ball Mason Wide Mouth Quart Jars and Lids Case of 12  BPA free lid Ball Wide Mouth Quart (950ml) ..
Ex Tax: $31.77
Ball Mason 4oz / 120ml Quilted Jam Jars and BPA Free Lids x 12 Ball Regular Mouth Quilted 4oz  (1..
Ex Tax: $17.73
Anuka Hot Food Smoker: Smokes and Cooks at the same time! Whether you are a fisherman or a chef, ..
$251.90 $199.00
Ex Tax: $180.91
This gourmet butter kit not only has the ingredients to make creamy, smooth These butter kits are..
$47.25 $23.98
Ex Tax: $21.80
The kids and the children at heart will love these teddy bear jars which feature a 280ml jar on a co..
$9.85 $3.45
Ex Tax: $3.14
Loose tea becomes hassle free with this super simple tea infuser. The unique design fits cups and sm..
$17.05 $4.95
Ex Tax: $4.50
Italian Gourmet Food Preserving jar 1.7litre capacity LIDS INCLUDED This listing is for one quali..
$9.95 $7.95
Ex Tax: $7.23
Medium Duty Tarpaulin Blue 10 x 12 / 2.9 x 3.5 metres ..
$12.25 $11.00
Ex Tax: $10.00
Brand new 240ml round  jars with no shoulders in a 105 pack.  These jars are the perfect size for a ..
$99.95 $74.95
Ex Tax: $68.14
Ball Regular Mouth Pint (437ml) Glass Preserving Jars are ideal for fresh preserving recipes such as..
$25.50 $16.57
Ex Tax: $15.06
Ball Mason Quart Regular Mouth Jars and Lids Case of 12  Ball Regular Mouth Quart (950ml) Glass P..
$34.95 $22.72
Ex Tax: $20.65
The Bormioli Rocco Fido range of jars features jars with a glass swing lid that closes down on a rub..
$5.00 $2.75
Ex Tax: $2.50
Milk Billy Can 20  or 40 litre with Sealable lid Cowbell is a quality brand of stainless steel ..
Ex Tax: $309.09
Compact pocket-size lower-powered prodder ideal for dairy use.   Press button for shock delivery.  ..
Ex Tax: $51.82
Horse Sense provides an in-depth guide to horse care under conditions unique to Australia and New Ze..
Ex Tax: $62.68
Goat Webbing Halter   Good quality halter made from double layers of 16mm webbing. This size is la..
Ex Tax: $37.05
Muzzle made specially for Australian sheep dogs such as  Kelpie and Border Collie etc. Allows go..
Ex Tax: $33.18