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Castration and Dehorning

Castration and Dehorning
The best value for money dehorners around. The James Scully Keystone model is suitable up to mature stock with fully grown horns. Flat-shear V jaws give cleaner cuts with less force required. Eccentric gears on tapered spindle give the greatest power at start of stroke and fastest cut at the end. Bl..
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These marking rings are equal quality to any on the market with production being continually  monitored and tested. Consistency and reliability  are guaranteed by the manufacturers. We offer small packets if you are just ringing a few animals at a time or larger packets for better economy! ..
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A very effective antiseptic and fungicide, with mild astringent properties. Especially suitable for use during dehorning, castrating or spaying. Comes standard in a convenient 250gm shaker bottle. Also available in 3kg packages...
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Barnes dehorners offer a simple dehorning solution  for calves up to about 15 months old. They are a low-cost tool used to scoop out the whole horn bud ideally also with a ring of hair at the base to ensure prevention of regrowth. Use 32cm tool  for calves up to eight months. Our economy dehorne..
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This tool developed in USA is for the purpose of ensuring bulls can achieve the fastest possible growth rates without need of artificial hormonal growth promotants. (Proven 15% improvements.) They are then easily and humanely castrated at the latest appropriate stage. The Callicrate Bander can be us..
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Debudding and dehorning of stronger calves can be a difficult exercise. This positive restraint solves the problem. The calf's head is manoevred into the restraint and then the chain is hooked over the head locking the calf in place. The restraint design enables easy access to the calf's horns. T..
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The California Bander was developed in USA to give breeders a low-cost tool for achieving delayed castration of bull calves. The California bander is the lowest cost simplest and easiest tool to use for this task. Delayed castration allows bull calves to grow faster on the natural testosterone pr..
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