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Udder Gun

Udder Gun
Udder Gun
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Udder Gun/Airline Sprayer Dairy (complete)

Invented and developed by Waiuku dairy farmer Max Irwin, the Udder Gun uses compressed air through a special nozzle to emulsify the spray. This allows previously un-sprayable products such as Udder Comfort, to be easily sprayed. But the really big benefit is this system reduces the amount of spray used by about 20-25%. With high-value products such as Udder Comfort*, this means the Udder Gun will pay for itself very quickly. This is aside from the great savings in time that the Udder Gun brings. The Udder Gun container holds one litre of product. This is held in one hand, with the Udder Gun in the other.
Air pressure required is about 30-35 psi and volume usage is not high, so a small portable-type compressor is all that is required to operate it.

*For blue Udder Comfort the gun regulator needs to be removed. 

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