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Feeding and Watering

Feeding and Watering
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18l Poultry Drinker Bucket Waterer

This large plastic waterer will keep a large flock of chooks in water for days!  Holds 18 litre..

$44.00 Ex Tax: $40.00

2 litre Long Handle Plastic Feed Scoop

2 litre Feed Scoop: essential item for every farm!Traditional long-handle flat bottom style s..

$10.75 Ex Tax: $9.77

2 litre stand up Feed Scoop Plastic Jug

2 litre stand up Feed ScoopHere is a feed scoop design that really works. The  hard-corner fla..

$8.95 Ex Tax: $8.14

6 place Rail Calf Feeding Bucket

6 place Rail Calf Feeding BucketThe 20-litre Excal Rail Bucket is a 6-place calfeteria- type fee..

$139.00 Ex Tax: $126.36

Bucket Plastic Flat Back 19L

These are quality buckets from Little Giant, USA. The great feature of these is the flat back. Thi..

$21.95 Ex Tax: $19.95

Bucket Stainless Graduated 12 or 15 litre

This 12L stainless steel bucket is spun, rather than pressed, allowing it to be made of thicker me..

$133.00 Ex Tax: $120.91

Calf Drinking Water Nipple

Your calves will have no trouble at all working out how to get a drink from this new waste-free wate..

$66.95 Ex Tax: $60.86

Calf Easy Feeder Milk Bottle

The Easy Feeder features an intelligently  designed bottle with multi-directional easy-grip  hand ho..

$23.95 Ex Tax: $21.77

Calf Feeder Milk Train 2 place

The Milk Train is modular. Stack them  together - with the teats on. Join them together with  th..

$59.95 Ex Tax: $54.50

Calf Meal Starter Bottle

An improved bottle for feeding meal or starter dry feeds to calves. The special teat feeds the meal ..

$47.95 Ex Tax: $43.59

Calf Speedy Drencher Complete Stomach Feeder: 2.5 and 4 litre models

This drencher uses a well proven design of rigid drench probe.This makes a very useful flow-adju..

$37.95 Ex Tax: $34.50

Calf Speedy Feeder Bottle

The speedy feeder is a 3-speed calf feed bottle. Now when you get a real  fast sucker switch to th..

$31.95 Ex Tax: $29.05

Calf Weaner Device Lightweight Aluminium

Lightweight all-alloy suckling preventer to help wean calves quickly.Very  effective model. Swin..

$6.75 Ex Tax: $6.14

Can 10 litre Milk Billy Can with push on sealable lid

Cowbell is a quality brand of stainless steel  dairy equipment.   ..

$85.95 Ex Tax: $78.14

Drinker Little Giant Poultry Chickens Turkeys - 12 litre or 20 litre

Large-capacity heavy-duty dent-proof drinkers from Little Giant USA. These drinkers are easy to carr..

$81.95 Ex Tax: $74.50

Excal Calf Milk Feeder Bottle

Used in Australia for many years the Excal calf feeder features the well-proven Excal Fast-flow teat..

$15.50 Ex Tax: $14.09

Feed and Water combo sml

Ideal combo for people with 1 - 3 hens.    The waterer holds 1.3 litres of water whilst the susp..

$13.00 Ex Tax: $11.82

Feeder Bottle Lamb / kid , non vac

This baby-quality strong and clear polycarbonate bottle cleans and sterilizes properly, unlike stand..

$13.95 Ex Tax: $12.68

Feeder Chicken, Poultry and Small Bird 1.5 Litre

Smallest size poultry feeder.   Suitable for a small number of chickens or small birds. Heavy ..

$5.75 Ex Tax: $5.23

Feeder Poultry /Chick / Small Bird Ball Mason Quart Jar

Sick of wasting feed due to spillage?  This feeder is your solution. Designed for chicks and sm..

$20.00 Ex Tax: $18.18

Feeder Poultry /Chick / Small Bird Crown 8 hole with optional Glass Mason Jar

Sick of wasting feed due to spillage?  This feeder is your solution. Designed for chicks and sm..

$11.50 Ex Tax: $10.45

Floating Bucket Dummy for Calf Drinking

Having trouble teaching a calf to drink from a bucket? Want to train your goats or sheep to drin..

$14.95 Ex Tax: $13.59

Folding Hay Rack

This hay rack is ideal for setting up in temporary pens or paddocks for feeding small amounts of hay..

$75.95 Ex Tax: $69.05

Hanging Lamb Feeder Bottle

Hanging Lamb Feeder Bottle Clear plastic bottle with fold-back suspe..

$11.95 Ex Tax: $10.86

Hanging Poultry Feeder Crown Suspension various sizes from 3 - 15kg

The Crown Green & White poultry feeders have some  valuable features.The suspension poin..

$14.50 Ex Tax: $13.18

Hanging Poultry Feeder with Cover - Crown Suspension 3 - 15kg

This is the well-proven Crown Green & White  suspension feeder with the addition of a large coveri..

$23.95 Ex Tax: $21.77

Heavy Duty Plastic Bucket 20L complete with lid

Bucket Plastic Heavy Duty 20L completeThis big strong 20-litre bucket will withstand a lot of ..

$42.95 Ex Tax: $39.05

Heavy Duty Plastic Bucket Fjord 15 or 25 litres

Bucket Plastic Fjord Heavy Duty Big strong plastic bucket with large-volume pouring spout...

$33.95 Ex Tax: $30.86

IO Hobby Farm Lick Block 2kg - Sutiable for all Beef and Dairy Cattle, Horses, Sheep and Goats

Suitable for all Beef and Dairy Cattle, Horses Sheep and Goats. A palatable molasses, calcium and ph..

$9.95 Ex Tax: $9.05

Lamb Kid Feeding Bucket 10-place Rail Hang Automatic Lamb Kid Feeder with Optional Lid

This 10 place lamb and kid feeding rail bucket is big and strong and holds up to 20 litres of milk. ..

$147.00 Ex Tax: $133.64

Lamb kid Reviver Stomach Feeder Roslam

Lamb kid Reviver Stomach Feeder RoslamThe Roslam reviver is Ideal for feeding small lambs or..

$33.95 Ex Tax: $30.86

Lamb kid Stomach Feeder Emergency Colostrum

Lamb kid Stomach Feeder Emergency Colostrum For administering emergency colostrum or  el..

$11.75 Ex Tax: $10.68

Lamb/kid feeding bottle

Lamb/kid feeding bottleExcal lamb/kid feeding bottles come in 2 different types.   The l..

$9.50 Ex Tax: $8.64

Large Poultry water drinker Crown 2.5 litres - 12 litres

Large Poultry Water DrinkerThe larger Crown ball type model has a  twist-lock for positive..

$15.50 Ex Tax: $14.09

Little Giant Hook Over Feed Bucket 15 Litres

Made in the USA the Hook Over Portable Feeder is ideal for field, pasture, trailer, stall, or kennel..

$24.95 Ex Tax: $22.68

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