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AI Artificial Insemination Microscope Handyscope

Handyscope is a high-powered portable microscope especially made for fast and reliable fertility testing of semen. The device is ideal for ensuring semen selected for breeding is of the highest quality.
The Handyscope is powered by a replaceable camera-type lithium battery that will give around 10 hours of operation (battery included and spare supplied).

The high-intensity LED lamp gives clear, bright images, even in dark working conditions.
Magnification is 200X, equivalent to a good desktop unit. A fine-focus adjustment is incorporated. The Handyscope can be used with regular glass slides, but 5 special polycarbonate slides are supplied with the unit.

These slides reduce cold-shock to the semen sample, giving more accurate motility results. They also have greater safety, being unbreakable, and can be reused.
100 glass cover slips are also supplied.

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