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Stock Still Animal Immobiliser

Electronic animal restraining device that generates precise electrical pulses. Acting on the nervous system, Stockstill “locks up” the skeletal muscles making the animal rigid. It is believed also to have a blocking effect on pain signals to the brain. Recovery is virtually instant and the animal appears to be unaware. Output current is externally 
adjustable. Powered by one 6-volt torch battery. Kit includes Stockstill power unit, 6v battery, needle electrodes x 3, mouth electrodes x 2, output lead, output lead extension, demonstration video, 12 months warranty. Supplied in a handy carry case.

Stockstill is an electronic device for the effective and humane restraint of animals.  It is powered from a 6 volt dry cell battery, the type commonly used in torches.  The circuit produces small low energy pulses.

Invented by a South Australian industrial chemist turned sheep farmer during the mid 1970's to restrain sheep during robotic shearing.  With the sheep application so successful, research turned to cattle.

The super stockstill has been developed for use with many species of vertebrate including cattle, horses, deer, ostriches, emus, sheep, goats, alpaca, crocodiles, and pigs.

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