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Double thickness high quality webbing collars. Length 125cm x 4cm width.  ..
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This halter is guaranteed the most ”horse friendly“ in the equine market Specially woven in a unique soft webbing, heavy duty nylon yields a soft and flexible feel instead of a stiff and abrasive one Add to that the cross stitching at all stress points and cleanly drilled holes using a step proces..
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Designed for the farrier or veterinarian who needs a hardworking and easy-to-use trimming tool, the 12 piece Complete Horse Hoof Care/Trimming Set can meet all your basic trimming and hoof maintenance needs as well as perform intricate hoof care tasks. You can use the Hoof Boss trimmer to quickly an..
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This genuine European quality-manufactured cowbell had distinctive tones which carry a long distance. It also looks good with a collar for showing special interest breeders etc. This round steel cow bell has a smooth bronzed finish and produces a slightly louder sound in a higher note.    Diame..
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The webbing and ring hobble is very successful in all conditions. It is strong and secure but simple to apply and remove with the velcro strap.  The measurement is between the legs. The 35cm model can be used when reasonable activity is desired (grazing etc).As hobbles are often subject..
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These feature large padded leg bands to ensure minimum chafing especially if worn for longer periods.  Double layer velcro type fastening ensures security and easy removal even in very dirty conditions.  The 35cm leg spacing allows reasonable mobility.As hobbles are often ..
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Use for removal of nails from the crease when replacing old shoes or misdriven nails from new shoes. Top quality tool from Nordic Forge, USA. Length 31cm o.a.  ..
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The economy hoof trimmer is similar to the Quality model but not quite as nicely made (choose option = economy). Blades do not open quite as far. But look at the price!Blades can be removed for sharpening but replacements are not available.Length 40cm o.a. Weight 2.3kg.  The qual..
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The quality European made Aesculap brand smooth double action compound joint Hoof Trimmer will cut through the toughest hoof with ease. Blades easily sharpened or replaced.  Will last a lifetime if you don't lend it! Practical green paint with rubber handles. Replacement blades and screws are av..
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Independents Own 5kg drum of epsom salts.  Epsom salts are traditionally used as a soaking bath for a range of aches and pains but can also be useful around the farm and garden, including: Get burnt food residue off your dishes Just add a quarter tablespoon or so to your warm water, scrub, and ..
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The EZ Milker was invented and developed in Minnesota USA by Mr Buck Wheeler.  Although it was developed originally for milking mares it is now supplied in models for sheep goats and cows but can equally be used on almost any other large animal if required.The EZ Milker is ideal for collecting c..
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Good quality steel square-head claw hammer for  shoeing.Steel-reinforced hardwood handle.Length 33cm o.a. 12oz head. 400gm total weight...
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